Five years ago I was awaiting the birth of my first son, while my husband, Nathan, and I were going through school. I was working on my undergrad in Bioinformatics and I had two more semesters to go before I was done, and Nathan would be in it for quite a while, as he not only received his undergrad, but his master’s and PhD as well. With both of us going to school full-time and working part-time, as you can imagine, finances were tight.

Sunni's Graduation Day

My graduation happened, even with baby in tow!

To stretch our money, I started couponing and ad-matching. I had a few friends that would do it and get some amazing deals that way, so I figured why not try it out? I matched up my ads and coupons, figured out what we wanted to eat based off of the sales (and whatever else we were feeling), made a list of other things we needed, took my list and headed off to Walmart. Continue reading