Plan Eat Love

small-logo-paddingPlan Eat Love is a web- and mobile-based system which takes in your own recipes, personal preferences, grocery prices, and what’s in your pantry and creates a meal plan for you, all with just one click. It’s designed to help you spend more time doing what you love, whether that be spending time with family and friends, reading, or hiking, instead of stressing over how to feed your family healthy food that everyone enjoys without going bankrupt. It’s currently in active development, but this blog has been created as a way to share the same spirit that Plan Eat Love brings until it can be used by everyone.


SunniThe brains behind Plan Eat Love, Sunni loves family and food. She is the wife of Nathan, and mother of two little crazy boys. Hailing from Utah, she participates in and enjoys the “frugal” way of planning meals: planning meals by sales and coupons, and trying to get the best deal for her time by ad matching at Walmart when it’s possible. Combining this with creating healthy meals that her family enjoys has proved time-consuming and stressful, hence why she started creating Plan Eat Love.

In addition to spending time with family and in the kitchen, Sunni is a web developer, seamstress, pianist, violinist, reader, and overall-crafter. She is an active LDS member, loves meeting new people and finding new ways to be creative. Get to know her by reading this blog!


NathanPlan Eat Love would not exist if it weren’t for Nathan. He plays a critical role of support as a husband, friend, and fellow-developer. Ironically, it was Sunni’s involvement in creating websites that got Nathan interested in being a web developer, and now after finishing his PhD at BYU in Civil Engineering he does it for a living.

Nathan is an avid reader, loves doing Insanity and P90X at our local recreation center, is a great dad, dabbles in guitar and piano, and plays an excellent devil’s advocate in any conversation.