Plan Eat Love: Why I Got Started On This Food Journey

Five years ago I was awaiting the birth of my first son, while my husband, Nathan, and I were going through school. I was working on my undergrad in Bioinformatics and I had two more semesters to go before I was done, and Nathan would be in it for quite a while, as he not only received his undergrad, but his master’s and PhD as well. With both of us going to school full-time and working part-time, as you can imagine, finances were tight.

Sunni's Graduation Day

My graduation happened, even with baby in tow!

To stretch our money, I started couponing and ad-matching. I had a few friends that would do it and get some amazing deals that way, so I figured why not try it out? I matched up my ads and coupons, figured out what we wanted to eat based off of the sales (and whatever else we were feeling), made a list of other things we needed, took my list and headed off to Walmart.




And took so, so much time. I would be in near tears by the end of the process, but I kept doing it, because it saved us the money we needed to just live. But I dreaded the day of meal planning like you wouldn’t believe (or maybe you would if you’ve done this too!). So this got me thinking…there has to be a better way to do this. I am a web developer. I know the ins and outs of matching deals to recipes and making a shopping list out of it. Why don’t I build something that does this automatically so I can save money and my sanity at the same time?!

Meal Plan


I set to work, but as you can imagine, it’s a lot of work involved, and with our schedules and lack of funds I never put enough devotion into making it actually happen, though I spent plenty of time dreaming!

Fast forward to now. We now have two, beautiful children, almost 5 and 18 months old. We have both graduated from college, my husband has a solid job, and we are finally in a position where this dream can become a reality. So it is, my friends. I’ve talked to many people like you who are frustrated by the time it takes to plan healthy meals that everyone wants to eat, the cost of food, and want a simpler, better way. I’ve received great feedback and have a plan of action in place, and it’s happening!

The Swain Family

My family is 100% why I do what I do

As we await the build of Plan Eat Love, I would like to use this space to share favorite recipes, tips on meal planning and budgeting, and ways to have a more balanced life, all of what Plan Eat Love aims to do. This is for you, friends. Help me help you. I want to know your pains, how you’ve made things worked in your own families. What would be useful to you? If you could change anything about how you make things work in your family, especially regarding food, what would it be?

I hope to foster a community of food-loving, meal-planning gurus, who find more time to spend with their family and friends without having to stress about what to eat. I hope you will join me on this journey.


  1. Hi Sunni! I found out about your blog from Nathan! We were good friends before his mission. This blog is a great idea! I’ve been there, searching ads and coupons and crying and dreading it. I’m at the point where I need healthy yet affordable recipes for my family. My husband (also Nathan) is type1 diabetic so I’m always looking for healthy yummy ways to fuel him. Breakfast is really important for him. I’m excited to try the granola and to follow your food blog!

    • Good to meet you Becky! I’m right there with you, trying to feed my family healthy food that doesn’t break the bank. It can be so hard! Hopefully this blog helps a little bit, and I hope you like the granola recipe!

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